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Mahigan Outdoors

Our Story....

Born and raised right here in the Twin Cities I started as a child with a devoted passion for everything outdoors. I have spent my entire life hunting, fishing, trapping, camping, and hiking. It has inspired me on hunts in Alaska with my brother for grizzly, to the Northshore of Lake Superior for Minnesota steelhead. From the mountains of Colorado hunting elk, to the Mississippi River, right out my back door for trophy smallmouth bass.All these experiences and trips were done on a working man’s dollar, and all of them Do It Yourself! A lifetime’s obsession for the outdoors and an inner drive for teaching others and giving back inspired me to create Mahigan Outdoors.

My mission is to bring this passion and love of the outdoors to others through hands on experiences. (Ma-he-gan) is the Algonquin word for “wolf”, an animal that is synonymous with leadership, strength, family, community, integrity, and a relentlessness to achieve. For centuries Native Americans have aligned wolves with loyalty, and freedom, and have long regarded wolves as teachers. These are the very things that the foundation of Mahigan Outdoors was built on.

Matthew Doth